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We are able to make the process really easy for you.  With Gift Certificates we'll include a Fly Fishing themed card on which we can include/custom print whatever you'd like to put on it in terms of a special message for that special fly fisher or someone.  Included inside will be one of our cards along with some instructions on how we go about setting up the trip or lesson/instruction.  We can mail certificates to you, deliver them to you, email them to you, whichever is most convenient for you.  And, if you'd like with info on where to send we can send the certificate to your special someone via mail or email here you'd like to send to.  And no worry if your gift is a last minute one....let us save the day for you!  In most cases we can have a certificate to your special someone within minutes of receiving your completed purchase.  Also, not only do we offer item specific Gift Certificates, but we also offer them in dollar amounts starting at $25.00.  

 Also, we are able to do Gift Certificates electronically as a last minute gift item, sent to you via email.  These gift certificates are available as one, two, or three people Gift Certificates.