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    We are so blessed to have several rivers at our backdoor in East Tennessee that are literally as quality a trout stream as you will find in the lower 48.  The most popular and the ones we fish and guide the most are the South Holston and Watauga.  I can recall for many years before the 'movie' (A River Runs Through It...) fishing here and seeing few other anglers.  I had the blessing and privilege of learning two of these rivers years ago while I was in school at UNCG from one of the most highly skilled anglers to ever walk the South Holston and Watauga river bottoms.....Dr. Jim Sellers.  As  my professor and tailwater fishing mentor, I spent a lot of time learning the ropes from did a good many other guides in our region....including the fly shops now in Boone. I and they owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  His skills are legendary....he is as good a dry fly angler as has ever presented a fly to a TN tailwater trout.  I can truly say I learned a lot from the best.

    The Watauga is a big, Western-like freestoner.  Big, brawling and much like some of the large rivers of the west, it has two distinct parts.  The upper 'urban' part of the Watauga, the 'upper Wag', and the lower Wag' are the two parts.  The lower Wag is home to a quality trout water area....  The river is a great caddis river, gets many of the classic mayfly hatches, including the sulphurs and olives like the SoHo...and also great terrestrial fishing and streamer fishing.  Something for all is home to around 5000 trout per mile by some estimates.

    The South Holston is a dry fly fisherman's heaven.... with some research and recent regs changes over the past decade the SoHo as its called has quietly become the best dry fly fishery in the East....yes East.  Eastern America.  The Big Horn, or Mighty Mo' , or Henry's Fork of the East.  The sulphur hatch on this river is legendary....and when its good you'd have to see it to believe it.  Imagine seeing a hatch and it bringing most of the fish in the river to the surface.   I fish and know all 18 miles of it intimately and if Jeff chose one river to spend the rest of his days on this would be it.   A great wild brown trout fishery, the most alluring part is the river's wild, free rising trout that require some of the technical skills required of some of the legendary and technical waters of the West and Northeast.  Also some great 'small fly' fishing, and the best sight fishing river in our area bar none......the SoHo is home to 13000 trout per mile, about 11000 of which are naturally reproducing wild browns.

    These trips are full day only due to the location.  We can also do two day or three day trips here....and I can help you with any lodging recommendations you might need as tell me the dates, I'll arrange everything.

    Included: Guided Fly fishing,Lunch,Flies we use, Terminal Tackle (leaders, tippet, indis, shot, etc)

    Not Included:   Fishing license, gratuity

    1 Angler    $275.00

    2 Anglers  $325.00

    3 Anglers  $375.00

    * Can with advance notice add anglers to this.  Contact me for details.