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Custom Flies By The Dozen

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We sell a lot of custom flies, I sell some (not all) of my custom patterns, flies I use on trips/events I do as well as any pattern my customers request.  I have a lot of experience tying commercially both for shops and individuals and other guides as well.  I can customize a pattern for you or for a place or for a particular choice.  I can also do standard/traditional time honored favorites as well....along with some of the latest, newest, cutting edge fly patterns available today.  Available by the dozen.  Turnaround usually pretty quick, within a few days, but during my busy seasons (spring, summer, fall) it may take longer, unless of course I get an order way ahead of time and can knock it out beforehand.  

When ordering, there will be an area on the order (before you submit it) where you can give me specific instructions on what you'd like.