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We offer FFF Certified Casting Instruction.  The FFF program is run by a Board of the FFF, a group of some of the most respected names in the world of fly fishing and fly casting, including Gary Borger, Mel Krieger, Al Kyte, Steve Rajeff, Doug Swisher, Lou Tabory, Joan Wulff, and many other experts.  For more about  the Casting Certification Program or more about the FFF here. Though I had taught fly casting since 1989,  I became an FFF Certified instructor in 1995 because of an intense desire to offer greater help to those that I teach, and to continue being a student myself!

I am a FFF Certified Instructor, so you can rest assured that your instruction is from a professional who dedicated to making sure that students get the most out of their educational experience.   I received my training one-on-one from Macauley "Mac" Lord, who is the head instructor of the LL Bean Fly Fishing Schools.  If you have been frustrated by fly casting, or maybe dealing with a nagging problem with your cast, I can help.  I have invested thousands of hours not only learning casting myself, but also in teaching others.  And I can teach those skills to others.  Whether you want to learn to cast a fly rod, or whether its working on a specific problem with your cast, or maybe a tune up just before a big trip----I can help.

I offer FFF Certified Instruction in a number of ways, and I do organized private lessons for individuals and groups alike.   The instruction is based upon the Five Basic Principles of Fly Casting.  To set up a lesson, or for questions or more information, please use the contact us button to make your request, or you may call me at 336.944.3628, or inquire by email.  Normally, a potential student will call me and we will set up an individual appointment, and I can come to you or your home.  Also, we'll use some video to record your casting and provide you will a copy afterward for practice and self-analysis while practicing at home.  Its a great Rx for fixing many casting ills.

I currently offer lessons I call   Fly Casting 101, Intermediate Fly Casting, Small Stream Fly Casting, Fly Casting Large Rivers, Casting Heavier Rods, and Private Custom Lessons.  For a detailed description of each of the above lessons  email me or give me a call at (336) 944-3628.  With ALL lessons I will use video clips to evaluate what we cover andshare with you feedback to use in your practice time at home.  I also include handouts specifically relevant to what we cover during the lesson and you are free to keep them for future reference.  The lesson usually lasts about one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes.  Usually that amount of time is just right for what we need to cover but doesn't wear the student out or overload them with more information or instruction than they can handle.

Private Instruction Rate:   (1) Person 1 hr  $65.00