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One of our favorite trips from April through October, we aren't a guide service who "does a few smallmouth trips..."  , no they are a favorite species of mine and have been for many, many years.  I have fished smallies since the late 1970s and we fish a number of waters including  select portions of the New River, the Yadkin, Elk, Buffalo Fork, Roaring, Mayo,  the North Fork Holston, Middle Fork Holston, South Fork Holston Rivers, Little River, and many more.....even including some smaller creeks.  These trips are a primary option when the weather turns warm, and it matters not how hot the weather is as the fishing seems to be unaffected by it.  A primary reason folks turn on to the smallmouth game is that if offers a great topwater fly fishing opportunity.  And it can be great....  This is a wade trip but we also do smallmouth floats....please check our 'Float Trips' for that option.

1 Angler    $250          2 Anglers    $300      3 Anglers    $350