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    We offer float trips on select NC, TN, and VA waters for all 3 species of trout and smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, musky, stripers, and shad.  All of our float trips are done in a 15ft  2018 Clackacraft Headhunter II Skiff....a low profile boat that is quick, manueverable, and a pleasure to fish from, and the most manueverable driftboat on the planet.   A tried and true hull design w/ 360 degree weight forward interior, a design that set the standard for fly fishing guide skiff style  boats.  Complete with casting braces and tons of storage its a very comfortable craft to spend a full day fly fishing from.

    Our floats include the TN Tailwaters & Rivers, South Holston and Watauga, and Holston proper; NC and VA Smallmouth Bass , SW VA smallmouth and in season shad and stripers on the Roanoke River NC (spring).   We offer full days only on floats due to logistics and travel....additionally many of our floats offer the opportunity for light tackle and while we do not specialize in that we do have a lot of experience in that area and you are welcome to bring and fish with that equipment on float trips if you so desire.  We do a lot of light tackle fishing where smallmouth floats are concerned if conditions dictate (high water, wind, limited casting ability of participants).  

    On Floats we can accomodate two anglers per trip, but do have access to additional guides/boats for those desiring a group trip.

    1 Angler Full Day Float      $350             2 Anglers  Full Day Float $425