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JWFF Adjustable Compartment Box

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JWFF Custom printed logo box, a polystyrene adjustable box that can be adjusted for a minimum of 2 or 4  compartments or up to 10.  This box can be used to hold dry flies, streamers, poppers, an assortment of everything, holds specific types of flies or lots of different choose.  A great dry fly box , inexpensive, durable, and one that won't crush hackles.

Also a perfect box for a beginner's assortment of flies, as well as a great smallmouth box, pond box for bass/bluegill, etc., as well as for an assortment of saltwater flies.  A do everything box pretty much.  Dimensions 7" long x 3.5" wide  x 1.25" thick.  Can also be used as a hook box for larger hooks.  Curved bottom for easy access.