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JWFF Custom Hand Tied BASS Leader

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Hand tied custom technical Bass leaders with butt sections tied from Hard Mason monofilament, long the standard for leader butts that will be used to throw big, heavy, or wind resistant flies.  Mid sections are tied from Maxima Green, and tippet is from RIO.   These leaders are my own personal recipe developed from three decades of flyfishing, much of which has been in warmwater for all species of bass and panfish and in saltwater here long before it was commonplace to see folks flyfishing on the NC coast.  These leaders turn over like a dream simple as that.  If you have ever struggled to toss a wind resistant hair bug for bass or large poppers, with this leader those days are over.  I spend 75 days a year guiding for smallmouth bass and we use a lot of big flies and these leaders throw them like a dream.