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JWFF EZ Teardrop Indicators

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Our own line of JWFF EZ Teardrop Indicators, the unsinkable indicator that is highly visible, casts well, and floats like a dream.  Our best indicator when you are chucking lots of weight, double rigs, etc., this one will get the job done.  These have a slit and a large piece of black rubber tubing allowing you to attach the indicator to the leader with ease and then slide the indicator up and down the leader without leaving a scar or kink of any kind on your leader.  Rubber also heats up when you slide it so these indicators work great when attached to the heavy butt of the leader and then slid down the leader to straighten it.  Available in Orange/Red, two sizes Lg and Medium.  Lg is great for winter and spring, Med is great for those same times if low water and in lower water during summer months.