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Lot of Assorted Leaders

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This lot of assorted leaders a part of a lot of equipment items I am selling for a customer whose husband passed away.  This lot consists of (1) Orvis plastic leader wallet, (6) braided leaders new/unopened (in 7.5, 9ft, and 16ft lengths and tippet sizes 4, 5X), (3) ORVIS replacement tippet packs 3x, 4x, 5x,  4 10lb 10ft fluoro saltwater/bonefish leaders, 1 toothy critter leader, (3) Umpqua 13' 6x leaders, (1) Rio 12' 6X leader, one Maxima 9 Chameleon 9ft 12 lb leader, ....and some Cortland braided loops.  All are new /unused and would cost near $100 total if purchased retail.