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Due to customer interest we are offering what we call an On the Water Fly Fishing School.  The one on one, one on two focus allows us to provide the same instruction we offer in our regular classes and do it on the river while under actual fishing conditions.  I will be at your side teaching you to read water (find fish!), cast, rig, and present your flies properly, how to hook, land, and release fish too.  We will learn by DOING...just like the Nike saying goes "Just do it."  A great way to get someone into the sport.  

This instruction is by appointment  just like a guided trip, you can book a day by calling 336.944-3628, or by email.  Lasts approx 4 hrs.  $175 for one angler, $275 for two anglers, or $375 for three anglers.  Makes a great gift for a friend, family member, or loved one.  We supply the Gear/equipment if needed.  Gift Certificates available.  Waited til the last minute and can't find a gift?  No worry, we can do a last minute gift which is a printable e-Gift Certificate and have it in your hands with a couple of clicks.

On The Water School 1 Person     $175

On The Water School 2 People     $275

On The Water School 3 People     $375