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  • Private Trophy Waters Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Trip

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    We currently have available to us almost 18 miles of private water spanning 4 different streams, from a small creek with large fish to water nearly the size of the upper Smith River in Virginia.  Quality fish abound here with a good majority of the fish over 15 inches, and a 20 inch fish every trip is a given.  A couple of the waters have fish up to 5-10lbs, and two of them have fish up to 15lbs.  In the fall we'll be adding another location that has a section of river with a handful of rainbows exceeding 20lbs.  One of our customers, Daryl Knight, landed an 8-9lb rainbow of 27-28" long on a #16 dry fly if that gives you some idea as to the size of fish in some of these waters.    Please contact us about availability and to inquire about reserving a day on these high quality waters.  On site lodging available on some waters and nearby lodging available on the others. These trips are full day only.

    Included:  Full Day guided fishing, flies, private water rod fees

    Not Included:  Lunch, License, Gratuity

    Full Day Only

    1   Angler   $295.00        2 Anglers   $495.00      3  Anglers    $695.00