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Join me for a "late summer smallmouth " trip to some of my favorite waters.  During this two day adventure we'll fish some great water, which might include both NC and VA stretches of the New River.   A great way to "get away" from the summer "trout stream blues" if your favorite trout stream is low and clear.  Smallmouth don't care about that:  in fact, our best fishing on the fly is typically during what we'd consider "drought" conditions.   Also, just a great way to get introduced to some great summer fishing that is available to us every summer.   Includes Lodging for two nights, food  (breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner ), and fishing.  Includes wading and possibly some floating in our custom Clackacraft driftboats.   Trip Rate is $375 per angler.  We'll take 4 anglers on this one.