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We are blessed to have a wild trout fishery that is actually our closest trout water...the Smith R below Philpott Dam.  The Smith flows clear and cold from Philpott and then has trout all the way downstream almost to the NC state line....a distance of well over 30 miles.  Primarily a wild brown trout stream, the Smith is a technical fishery requiring the use of light tippet and small flies much of the time.  Winter, Spring, and Fall rainbow trout are stocked and they offer some good nymphing and streamer fishing opportunities.  Its long been a claim of biologists that 80% of all brown trout in the state of VA reside in the Smith R.  This river gets a great sulphur hatch, and some great blue winged olive hatches too,  and the summer terrestrial fishing is dynamite....Our closest water and our 'home water' as its practically right in our backyard.  Some changes in regs have made a real difference in the fishery here and we expect it may return to its glory days.  We fish this primarily May through October...

Included:  full day guided fly fishing, Lunch, flies we use

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