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  • Stone Sampler - 8 Flies

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    An 8  fly assortment of our favorite Winter stonefly patterns, tied in the colors I use most often on my guide trips and that I tie by customer request.  These are some of my bread and butter patterns, flies I have, quite literally, made a living with. These flies are great on NC, TN, and VA waters alike.  They are particularly effective from Fall through early spring, and are definitely a big fish bug, and are among the most effective flies you can use on small streams, stocked streams, and Delayed Harvest waters alike.

    Eight flies .....(1) Bead Head Kaufmann Golden Stone , (1) Bead Head Golden Epoxy Stone, (1) Casual Dress, (1) Bogus Stone,  (1) Early Brown Stone, (1) Bead Head Early Brown Stone, (1) Bead Head Early Black Stone, (1) Bead Head Early Black Epoxy Stone....all in a 4 compartment JWFF Divided Fly Cup (great for a mini in the pocket fly box)...SHIPS FOR FREE.  Hard to beat this....