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Winter Junkit - 8 Flies

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An 8  fly assortment of our favorite Winter "junk" patterns, hence the name 'Junkit' meaning "Junk" Kit,  tied in the colors I use most often on my guide trips and that I tie by customer request.  These are some of my bread and butter patterns, flies I have, quite literally, made a living with. These flies are great on NC, TN, and VA waters alike.  They are particularly effective from Fall through early spring, and are definitely a big fish bug, and are among the most effective flies you can use on small streams, stocked streams, and Delayed Harvest waters alike.

These are some of most effective Fall through Spring patterns you can fish as we have the brookie spawn in the Fall, Browns in Fall/Early Winter, some Rainbows in Fall, and some Rainbows in late Winter/Early numerous other fish species that drop eggs.  Its a fact, trout love eggs.  They love them because they are a high protein, high value target, and a desired food item.  Period.  And to fish them is no more or less ethical than anything else.  Period.  And they work.  Just that simple.  The largest fish we boat /land every year a large percentage of them are on these flies.

Eight flies .....(1) Pink Squirmy Wormy, (3) Mini/Micro eggs (right sizes and colors for our area...the only colors you need), and a (4) fly mix of our popular Squirminator pattern....all packed in a divided 4 compartment JWFF Fly Cup (which our customers love for using as a little mini fly box or organizing).