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Zebra Sampler - 6 Flies

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A six fly assortment of our favorite Zebra midge patterns, tied in the colors I use most often on my guide trips and that I tie by customer request.  These are some of my bread and butter patterns, flies I have, quite literally, made a living with.  Hardly a place where these won't work, I consider them the day to day workhorse flies of my boxes.  If you are fishing tailwaters like the South Holston, Clinch, Watauga, Jackson, Smith, no box is complete without these.  In fact, I would never even consider fishing any of those waters without them.  They are THE MOST valuable day to day fly in your box in those places.

They work everywhere, also great for small streams and particularly well on stocked waters and Delayed Harvest waters that have difficult fish that have been hammered and become wary and suspicious of most flies.  I routinely fish waters a lot of folks would think are "fished out" and do quite well with these flies.....The answer?  On difficult fish use a SMALLER fly.  These are perfect for that.

Six flies .....(1) brown/gold/gold, (1) black/copper/copper, (1) near nuthin glass bead, (1) black/silver/silver, (1) purple /silver/silver, (1) dark olive/silver/pewter .......SHIPS FOR FREE.  Hard to beat this....